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David Vaccaro, Florida

The skills, talent and experience to bring
your vision to life in print and on the web.

Publishing and design are my passions—for print or on the web. I love to bring the vision of writers, photographers, artists and business people together around a common area of interest. Whether it's news, events, sports, fashion, art, travel or entertainment, if it's publishing and design, it's my thing. Please see my resume for more details.


  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Dreamweaver
  • CSS/HTML/Scripting
  • Quark Xpress


  • Creating covers, ads and layouts using proven design techniques.
  • Editing, proofing and writing ad copy and editorial content.
  • Retouching/editing photography for high resolution output.
  • Preflighting and packaging publications for press.
  • Designing web pages and implementing scripts for functionality.
  • Utiilizing data to develop marketing strategies and brand identities.


Welcome to my online gallery.
You can see more Vaccaro prints and paintings at www.coolstrokes.com
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  • Emerald Coast

    Cover Design. Photo selection, layout and typography.

  • Tropic Life

    Logo design. Image selection. Story writing and editing. Page design. Typography. Web optimization and incorporation into website.

  • For Charity

    Logo design for charity children's baseball league.

  • Estel

    Estel. Oil on canvas. 24x36. Private collection.

  • Luxury Homes

    Color newspaper advertisment for luxury homes. Special insert. Two-page spread.

  • News & Events

    News and events page with monitization. Compiled, edited and updated content to add interest to the website. Incorporated scripts for news ticker and web cam.

  • Brain Power

    With just a handful of brain-teasers from the editor, created an exciting layout for kids. Image manipulation, typography and intro copy.

  • Kate Reclining

    "Kate Reclining" Oil on canvas. 24x36. Private collection.

  • Girl On Beach

    Oil on canvas. Private collection

  • Key West

    Key West Special Edition Cover

    Cover design. Photo selection. Detailed outlining of model for overlay. Typography.

  • Web Header

    Web page header for Powerboating In Paradise. Copy and Concept.

  • Tech Design

    Compiled information and images to create an entertaining gadget layout.

  • Mark

    "Mark with Green Eyes" 24x36. Oil on canvas board.

  • Keys to Happiness

    Researched destinations highlighting key information about tourism. Compiled photography and data. Designed page elements, typography. Photographic placement with photo editing and filtering applied. Preflighted and prepared for high-quality output.

  • Photo Art

    Photo filtering and manipulation for an artistic effect.

  • Tropic Life

    Logo design. Image selection. Story writing and editing. Page design. Typography. Web optimization and incorporation into website.

  • Midnight Stroll

    Oil on canvas board. Private collection.

  • After the Storm

    A quick snapshot of Tropical Storm Noel that made it into the newspaper.

  • Worst Case

    Lots of photo-shopping to turn boring snap shots into saturated, fast-paced action photography.

  • Andi

    "Andi on Balcony" 36x48. Oil on canvas.

  • Best of Miami

    Copy, concept and collage for Miami Today postcard mailer.

  • Beachcombings

    Weekly photo-editing for social pages. Full color CMYK output for newsprint.

  • Jack's Diner

    "Jack's Diner, Hollywood Fl." Oil on canvas. Private Collection.

  • Gift Promotion

    Showcasing some gift ideas from our advertisers.

  • Classifieds Redesign

    Gave our classifieds page a fresh, new look.

  • May

    Oil on canvas board. 24x36. Private collection.

  • Designer Magazine

    Cover of Designer Magazine.

  • Generous Gentleman

    Layout for member spotlight. Typography. Graphic selection. Editing.

  • Felicity

    Oil on canvas.

  • Tropic Life

    Writing. Photo selections and editing. Layout. Optimization for web.

  • Published Photography

    Front page photo.

  • Evy

    Evy Crossing the Ocean. 24x36. Oil on canvas.

  • Logo Designs

    Logo designs for HIV Health Planning Council

  • Photo Art

    Original photo with filtering for artistic effect.

  • Gift From A Stranger

    "Gift From A Stranger." Oil on canvas.

  • Ventnor Monthly

    Publisher of The Ventnor Monthly. Designed covers. Took photos. Built and sold ads. Wrote articles. Preflighted and delivered to printer.

  • Ecommerce

    Created an ecommerce store on a shoestring budget that increased sales of memberships, clothing, and videos by 25%. Designed header graphic, store concept. Integrated Paypal.

  • Web Banners

    Animated web banners.

  • The Hungarian Girl

    "The Hungarian Girl" 18x24. Oil on canvas.

  • Event Postcard

    Event postcard. Designed, preflighted and sent to printer.

  • Photo Touch-Ups

    Photo enhancements for maximum client satisfaction.

  • Gina

    18x24. Oil on canvas.

  • Biscayne Bay

    Biscayne Bay

  • Dandy Logo

    Logo design for Dandy Connections Internet Service

  • Horizon

    9x12. Oil on canvas board. Private collection.

  • Kate

    "Kate in The Garden" 24x36. Oil on canvas.

  • Don't Be Blue

    Character creation using filters and hand tinting.

  • Hold The Lettuce

    A quick opening graphic and layout for a cool story about salad.

  • The Making of "Jack's Diner"

    A very cool video showing the making of "Jack's Diner."

  • YouTube Video

    This is a video that I cut and edited showcasing the Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run.


My core skills include the following areas of expertice which, when combined, become a fire ball of awesomeness.

  • Publishing

    I'm a deadline and detail oriented graphic designer with a proven ability to get the job done on time and within budget. I specialize in newspaper and magazine design and can produce one from cover to cover, start to finish. I'm very familiar with the production cycle and work-flow of publishing.

  • Advertising

    My advertising experience ranges from quick edits for repeat clients to complete concept development for new ones. Whether it's a business card, a billboard, a letter mark or a logo, I excel at creating designs that represent the client's vision for their product or service in print and on the web.

  • Writing

    From editing and proofing to writing copy for ads and editorials, my mind and hand are one with words and phrases. My writing skills include brainstorming for ideas, creating headlines and intros, rephrasing copy to fit layouts, developing thoughts and opinions and supporting them with facts.

  • Marketing

    I create marketing strategies utilizing questionnaires, customer surveys and demographic research. I actively listen to the client’s needs and implement ideas and concepts based on their vision. My techniques increase saturation and save money by synergizing efforts across multiple platforms.


Some nice things that clients and employers have said about my work.

"David's marketing plan and designs changed my whole customer base. "

Jonathan Sands
Lox, Stock & Bagels

"A great job as always."

Stu Jones
Florida Powerboat Club

"I've always loved David's work."

Jennifer Sandomir
Wynwood Canvas Magazine

"The brochure David designed for me said everything I've always wanted to say about my business"

Mike Shellem
Shellem's Surf Shack

"David's work is vital in helping this newspaper be the best that it can be."

Michael Lewis
Miami Today

"David's performance is exemplary."

Avery Pack
Citizen Bikes


Biscayne Bay

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